Mid Century Furniture

Sourcing Details

We take the stress out of finding the prefect Mid-Century Furniture piece. 

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible service, we can source specific items of mid century or Scandinavian furniture for your home or business.

We get a great sense of joy out of finding that perfect table for an individual. It gives us just as much enjoyment as finding 50 chairs for a café fit-out.

To put it another way, no job is too big or too small.

So if you’ve been struggling to source the very piece you want, or if you’re struggling to find the time to locate enough items for your project, we can step in to assist with the sourcing requirements.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, get in touch or read on to see how it all works.

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How MCM Furniture Sourcing Works 

Less Than Five Items:

You contact us via email, through the site or visit us in-store to tell us exactly what you’re after. If you have your heart set on something very specific, please provide us with all the details. If you simply want to re-create a look, you can provide a photo of what you have seen and we can do the rest.

We give you an idea of what we expect the items to cost.

You pay a deposit of €50.

We then source what you need.

When we have found what we think fits the bill, we contact you for approval and to provide you with a final price (including, where appropriate, re-upholstery costs and shipping).

We then deliver the item at a pre-arranged time and date.

Note, if for any reason we are unable to provide you with any options, we will refund your original deposit.

More Than Five Items

You contact us with some details of the project you are working on and what kind of furniture you are hoping to use. We then advise whether or not you are looking at the right items and how easy they will be to source.

We agree a timescale in which the project will be delivered and agree a set fee.

You pay a 10% deposit.

We set out to find the items, keeping you informed with weekly updates.

When everything is ready, we bring the items to your location for sign-off.

Note, if for any reason we cannot deliver the project, we will refund your original deposit.

Things to Know about Sourcing MCM Furniture

1. If we feel you are about to make a mistake, we’ll say so. For example, some mid century furniture simply will not withstand the rigours of extensive, intensive use.

2. If we don’t feel we can deliver on an assignment that we have already accepted, we will inform you at the earliest juncture.

3. If we purchase the items you ask us to find and you later change your mind, you forfeit your deposit.

4. We can only source items that we can sell in-store.