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I’m Emily. I’m a wife, mother and lover of all things vintage from clothing to lifestyle (sometimes I think I was born 60 years too late!! ). I started Molly’s Vintage Vibes to share my love for something I discovered while I was studying to be a designer: the timeless furniture of the mid 20th century. I have a genuine love for all pieces I choose  and try to provide as much information as possible when describing my collection. If you would like to know more about any of any piece, I’d love to share what I know, tell you more about why I chose it and the process of restoration. Just drop me a quick email and I’ll get back to you.

Unique and Authentic

Original pieces designed by the most brilliant architects of the day, these are beautiful pieces of grace, craft and functionality. I select each piece of furniture I am going to work on with the same love and attention to detail as if I am buying for my own home, and I'm passionate about restoring these beautiful pieces to their original finishes. I love that each piece we offer you has a story to tell and, if we can obtain a piece's history, then we will provide this on a plaque and position on a subtle place on the furniture.


Every piece you see on this site was hand-restored by a team of talented craftsmen. We aim to keep its patina and maintain the qualities about the pieces that make them authentic and special.

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